A Fortnite leaker has given fans a peek into upcoming skins

Posted on January 12, 2019 by

As for a new Epic emote, players will be able to hype up their team with the new Cheer Up complete with pom-poms and a gleeful cheerleading routine.

To change the tune, Fortnite is including a Rare emote called the Lazy Shuffle complete with the character lazily shuffling to blaring dance music.

Two uncommon emotes, Time Out and Storm Salutations, should also be on the way soon. Storm Salutations might have turned into a ghost file as the leaker said it’s no longer in the game, suggesting “the animation was deleted around the time Praise the Tomato came out.”


The new and aesthetically pleasing Rush Glider.

Finally, three Uncommon gliders take flight with the green camouflaged Steadfast v bucks hack, a brightly colored Rush, and orange/black Helium gliders.

The extensive leak covered all items in the game’s backend, but Epic Games could be cooking up more cosmetics by the time they drop.

In a post, Reddit user Lucas7yoshi recorded themselves looking through the new items in the game’s Locker which was filled with awesome new designs including the Instinct skin, new dance emotes, gliders and three new pickaxes.

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