A new feature was just added to Fortnite in a recent patch

Posted on March 19, 2020 by

A new feature was just added to Fortnite in a recent patch, seen above. It’s the ability to save custom loadouts from your locker based on all your different preferences for skin, glider, wraps, back bling and so on. There’s a ten slot max and you can switch between them with ease, avoiding going through a mess of menus fore each item every time you want to switch.

For the love of god, how did Fortnite get saved loadouts before Destiny 2?

This has been an ongoing bit of weirdness in Destiny for ages now. The game has existed for over five years now, and yet it has never managed to get a loadout system going. The best you can do is lock items in game so you don’t accidentally delete them, and you have to turn to out-of-game tools like DIM if you want to save overall loadouts, but even that has limitations.

What I’m looking for with Destiny is something like we see in The Division 2 where saving your current set of gear and switching back and forth to it is as simple as free v bucks generator holding a single button down for two seconds. It allows me to swap builds on the fly, something that is nigh impossible to do with Destiny, and it has a truly impressive level of granular detail. It’s not just saving your gear, it’s your subclass, your mods, your skills, literally everything.


Destiny is now in a place where creating a wider variety of builds is possible, and encouraged. Previously, you might have your raid build and your PvP build and not much else. But now? The introduction of seasonal mods and buffed exotics has really opened the doors for a much wider range of builds. And yet you often feel stuck into one or two because of the mess of the game’s inventory management system.

To change your build, you have to swap absolutely everything. Each individual piece of gear, your class, subclass, often mods, any cosmetics you want to change. Everything. It’s such a pain that most players won’t even bother with it, which is very antithetical to how much work Bungie has put into the new armor 2.0 system for greater customization, and creative new types of builds from Charged with Light to Warmind Cells.

Destiny has always needed some sort of loadout system, but now that issue is escalating the more we see the game lean into more complicated builds based around RPG design. The more complicated builds become, the most interesting they are to play, but the harder they are to design and maintain and switch between, and loadouts would help a great deal with that.

While this has been requested for years, if Destiny is going to continue to lean into being an RPG, it needs to design some sort of system to implement this. Granted, one that is likely a lot more complicated than what we’re seeing now from Fortntie, but it really does need something akin to The Division at the very least, and I genuinely think this needs to be a priority in coming seasons, or the big fall expansion. It’s been half a decade, it’s time for loadouts in a game like this.