announcing and launching a free to play battle royale title called Apex Legends

Posted on March 9, 2019 by

announcing and launching a free to play battle royale title called Apex Legends. While many other attempts were made and ultimately failed to capture the success of PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends continues to grow at a rapid pace having just crossed 50 million players in about a months time. Even though its popularity remains high and content updates continue to arrive at a consistent rate, Apex Legends does suffer from a few issues that negatively sets it apart from its closest rivals.

One user, a YouTuber known as Battle(non)sense, analyzes and tests the more technical aspects of popular video games like the netcode, then posting the results to their channel. With a glut of popular battle royale games currently available, the user took it upon themselves to test fortnite v bucks generator out the most popular ones including Ring of ElysiumCall of Duty: Black Ops 4FortnitePUBG, and Apex Legends. Battle(non)sense ultimately tested network delay for all of these games and went a step further by comparing a set list of netcode related features they offer.

Shockingly, the test did not go well for Apex Legends. The test was conducted on the PC version of each of these games at multiple times in the day between two players on the same server with a ping of about 25 milliseconds each. At the end of the day, Apex Legends featured the highest amount of network delay (highest, shortest, and average numbers) between the damage, gunfire, and movement categories. Black Ops 4‘s Blackout followed next with slightly better numbers but overall much higher than what would be considered normal. Fortnite ultimately came back with the smallest network lag numbers with both Ring of Elysium and PUBG close behind.