Epic Games have made a host of changes to the second iteration of their flagship title

Posted on October 27, 2019 by

Epic Games have made a host of changes to the second iteration of their flagship title, including the introduction of a brand-new nautical mode of transport and the ability to fish for items. However, it is the alterations to the in-game mechanics that has left Ninja seething.

Fortnite’s venture to a new map hasn’t been plain sailing though, and has come with its repercussions, given the surfeit of issues that have surfaced since Chapter 2’s release on October 15 — with one of the most common issues being the stuttering frame rate.

Aside from the performance issues, some are still getting to grips with the new take on the popular battle royale. Perhaps most notably, Fortnite v buck generator frontman, Ninja, appears to be struggling with his transition to the new generation of his staple game.

While livestreaming, Ninja found himself in a series of one-on-one duels, which would typically prove to be light work for the Fortnite star. However, after letting off some rogue shots, Ninja found himself on the unfamiliar side of the head-to-head encounters.

After absorbing his blunder of his misfired shots, Blevins adjusted his in-game sensitivity before letting off some steam directed towards his chat: “Listen guys, I need all of you guys to stop giving me advice. Okay?!”

Blevins continued: “I don’t need to stick with the team more; it wasn’t a bad push; I wasn’t too aggressive… I literally f**king choked.”

Evidently frustrated, Ninja was initially hypothesizing that Epic Games could have made some silent changes to the in-game fundamentals, since the game felt foreign.

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