Fortnite Chapter 2 brought a whole new map, but some core mechanics were broken along the way.

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Every major game update is expected to have a few bugs here and there, and Fortnite isn’t immune to that. Sometimes a few assets can look a bit wonky, or a player might get unlucky in a one-in-a-million glitch.

However, once the bugs encroach on how people play the game in even the most basic fashion, game after game, players start to get upset. That’s exactly what happened to Tfue, who uncovered a game-breaking bug that severely impacts a player’s ability to build and shoot.

On an October 19 livestream, the Twitch star was in free v buck generator an intense build fight, trying to weasel his way out of a sticky situation. As he found himself a pump shotgun, which excels in close-range, he was ready to take on his kitted out opponent.

He built his way towards them, and while he was surprised by their arrival, he was set to win the fight. With his back against the wall, he pumped multiple shots into his opponent, but none of them seemed to register in game, meaning the star lost the gunfight handily.

Clip starts at 0:16 for mobile users.

“F*** dude, my gun wouldn’t shoot dude,” he said, while he was in a call with Fortnite Championship Series (FCS) teammates ‘Khanada,’ Alex ‘Fiber’ Bonetello and Dennis ‘Cloak‘ Lepore, who laughed at him for messing up the duel. “I’m actually curious at how my gun didn’t shoot. Did I pick up a pump that had zero bullets in the clip?

However, Tfue was right to be concerned. When he picked up the pump shotgun, it had five bullets in it, and he managed to use two in the fight, but the gun refused to shoot halfway through. That was because the bug the former FaZe Clan player encountered meant he couldn’t.

“Can’t shoot when back on wall,” he read from his chat. “What does that even mean? Is that a bug or some s***? If your back is touching a wall you can’t shoot? That’s a thing? Are you guys trolling me?”

If a player is standing with their back against the wall in a self-made build, they will not be able to shoot or reload. The game will pop up with a prompt saying “already reloading” if they attempt to reload, even though no animation will play, while shooting will just not register whatsoever.

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