Fortnite Chapter 2 Remedy Vs. Toxic Overtime Challenges

Posted on January 10, 2020 by

fortnite Chapter 2 lasts until February 15, and Epic Games continues to add missions to its Battle Royale to keep the player base engaged. The Remedy vs. Toxin Challenges have players finding bus stops, food trucks and dealing damage with certain weapons to gain experience. Two of the more unique challenges on the list require you to earn silver survivor medals medals in a match, the experience-boosting achievements that were introduced at the beginning of the season.

Fortnite Silver Survivor Medals Weapon Specialist Accolades
These challenges are needed to complete the Remedy vs.Toxic missionEPIC GAMES

Here’s exactly what you need to do to complete those challenges and earn more points for your Battle Pass.

  • Earn Silver Survivor Medals- In order to earn a Silver Survivor Medal, you need to be one of the last 25 players in a match. You can complete this challenge in Solos, Duos or Teams but you still need to be in Battle Royale mode. Earning three of these medals requires playing three different matches and earning a top-25 spot in all of them. If your only goal while playing a match is to earn this medal, feel no shame when hiding under a bunker or inside a field of greens. Your enemies might not approve of your camping-style tactics, but a true warrior knows the proper time to strike.
  • Achieve Weapon Specialist Accolades by Dealing Damage with Weapons- Weapons Specialist Accolades are earned by hitting a certain threshold of damage done to players. The damage done can be with any weapon rarity, as long as it’s an actual projectile hitting item. It’s unclear how much damage you actually need to deal to hit the threshold, but I managed to earn my first v buck generator medal by chunking down someone with a full shield bar with an Assault Rifle.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Remedy Vs. Toxic Overtime Challenges

Earning these medals is just one aspect of the larger Remedy Vs. Toxin Overtime Challenges. Players who complete them all will receive rewards like extra Battle Pass XP, new styles, a Back Bling and a Pickaxe. These challenges will remain active for the robux generator remainder of Season 1, so players have plenty of time to get them done. The full list of Remedy Vs. Toxic Overtime Challenges is below.

  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 40 (40)
  • Complete ‘Remedy Vs Toxin’ Mission Objectives (nine)
  • Visit different food trucks (three)
  • Earn Silver Survivor Medals (three)