Fortnite in real life: A private island is to become the competition site. (Source: Epic Games

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If you’ve ever wanted to try Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite in real life, you might soon be able to attend one of these events yourself. A millionaire wants to sell 100 people on a private island and let them compete against each other for about three days. The winner even receives a hefty prize mone

An unknown millionaire who is a real fan of Fortnite , Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Apex Legends wants to bring the Battle Royale feeling to the real world. The news comes from the luxury shopping company Hush Hush, which is already looking for an organizer on behalf of the millionaire.

Interested organizers should ideally already have experience with events of enormous magnitude. Finally, a whole island must be prepared for the realistic Battle Royale experience. It is therefore necessary to hide weapons and ammunition and of course also the “playground” to prepare accordingly. So far, the project is still in the conception phase.

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Of course, no life-threatening weapons with live ammunition should be used here. Instead, so-called airsoft weapons are to be used. The players who meet on the island then wear pressure-sensitive vests, which can absorb the bullets and thereby “calculate” the damage.

Three days of competition and more than 115,000 euros in prize money

The Fortnite v buck generator-like event will last for three days with 100 participants. Fighting is twelve hours a day. At night, players can set up camp. Supplies and camping gear provide the millionaire for the registration. Who is the last in the race in the end, also wins 100,000 British pounds as prize money. That corresponds to about 115,000 euros.

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