Fortnite went from relative silence to releasing more or less a non-stop onslaught of teasers the past two days

Posted on February 18, 2020 by

Fortnite dropped yet another teaser for Chapter 2, Season 2, which you can see above. This one is pretty clear, as it seems to imply that dynamite is returning in season 2, and perhaps with all the “danger” signs in various languages, it could get an explosive buff. You could also read into this as perhaps the chaos engine being spooled up for greater destruction, but who knows.

Fortnite went from relative silence to releasing more or less a non-stop onslaught of teasers the past two days, all with this black and gold theme, all with the overall concept of “redacted” information with blacked out text. Fortnite’s tweet with this image attached has more blacked out entires that perhaps may be revealed later today with more tweets:


There has been a lot to process with the teasers we have seen so far, but I am going to try and recap everything that’s been revealed or potentially revealed so far.

– A teaser yesterday had a puzzle that formed the mask of Chaos Agent, the bad guy skin from last season. The text alongside this image says “minions” or “henchmen” in a bunch of different languages.

– One teaser showed a boat, possibly a cruise ship, as a potential new location.

– Another teaser showed a thunderstorm, meaning we could possibly get weather that isn’t the normal purple “kill you” storm.

– A helicopter pad symbol was seen hidden in the background of one of the teasers, implying that could potentially be a new vehicle this season to give the map some much-needed mobility.

– Also hidden in the background v buck generator appears to show the central island of the map being built up into potentially some sort of military base (this is currently where items are turning gold inside the house there).

– There is a clear picture of the [REDACTED] landmark on the map, the giant, unbreakable door that leads into the mountain, which says that perhaps that opens and has something to do with the events of this season. There is also a handprint scanner at that door, and a golden handprint has been the key symbol of these teasers so far. It’s in G7 on the map if you want to go see it for yourself.

– There have been a series of phone messages attached to international numbers that give out a variety of cryptic dialogue lines having to do with agents and operations and vaults and a couple with map coordinates (that haven’t panned out yet).

I think that just about covers it for now, unless I’m forgetting something. Yesterday brought about four different teasers as well as the “things turning gold” update, so I am expecting to see a lot more still to come today.

My advice? I will be compiling all of this as it happens, so check back here over the course of the day to see what else has happened and what Epic is revealing now.