Fortnite’s new ping system might look rather familiar for Apex Legends fans.

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Many people have tried to take legal action against the developer’s decision to add a variety of different content to the game’s battle royale mode, with most recent examples being Alfonso Ribeiro’s failed ‘Carlton Dance’ case and rapper 2 Milly arguing that the ‘Milly Rock’ danceshouldn’t be an emote.

While these law suits have proved unsuccessful at the time of writing, it’s not only emotes that people have accused Epic of stealing and the idea of suing them for their content is something the game’s online community has embraced as a meme – more than a genuine possibility.

So, let’s take a look at our list of 10 things in Fortnite that definitely aren’t a copy of something else…

Ark Skin

The Ark Skin in Fortnite looks very similar to an Overwatch hero.

So, do we have any Overwatch fans in? They will know what we’re talking about here.

This Ark skin sprung onto the scene on January 10, 2019 and it, shall we say, has a very familiar look. In fact, a very similar look to a hero from another game. Whether it’s the halo around the head, the wings or the main outfit itself, people think this is a copy of Mercy from Overwatch.

Come on, though, they wouldn’t do that.

Ping system

Fortnite’s new ping system might look rather familiar for Apex Legends fans.

The game’s map marker system just wasn’t up to scratch when it was first released, as things were too slow. Players had to go through the process of stopping, pulling their map out and marking somewhere for their team to see every time they changed route.

Then, when Epic finally released a brand new Fortnite ping system on February 28, they’re suddenly accused of stealing the idea from the newest addition to the battle royale market at the time, Apex Legends. Come on, that’s just ludicrous!

Building feature

Building has always been in Fortnite, but it’s not exactly an original idea is it?

If you put all of the current battle royale games in front of you and look at the differences that set the better ones apart, PUBG excels with its slow pace, Call of Duty Blackout has merged the most popular shooting game in history with a brand new concept, but you can’t build in any of those games.

Fortnite players can harvest materials from across the map and build fortresses. In fact, they even have a Creative mode now too that gives players unlimited items and materials to build whatever they want!

“Did they steal these ideas from Minecraft?” Oh, don’t be silly. All original.

Foraged Items

Foraged Items might be new to Fortnite v buck generator, but not everyone knows where the idea first started.

Many fans like to engage with other members of the game’s online community on Reddit, and if you’re pretty active on the Fortnite BR page, you might well have seen the new Foraged Items before they were added by Epic Games.

Well, what do we mean by that? Reddit user, AndrewIsCoolio, posted a concept on March 18 for Lazy Lagoon which included adding coconuts to the new location, which could be consumed by players and increase their

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