got a new format for weekly challenges here in Fortnite

Posted on December 12, 2020 by

got a new format for weekly challenges here in Fortnite, and I sort of like it: it’s back to the progressive thing that we lost track of a while ago, telling weird little stories through a series of little challenges. One of them I’m having a hard time tracking, but it involves destroying mailboxes, framing…someone…for it, and then discovering evidence that apparently points to the real perpetrator. Which is you? Or maybe the dog guy? It’s a little bit hard to tell. Regardless, you might need some help for some of these, so here’s a guide for the last one, which asks you to find clues in Lazy Lake, Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park.

The clues, I should say, are all mailboxes. Which is not at all clear, but becomes a little bit easier once you know that. Let’s go to the map:

So these are your three locations: note that little icons will appear on the map when you hover over the quest in your menu, but they’re not really where they appear in free v bucks generator game. Let’s go at them, one by one.

Pleasant Park: This one is right out in the open, up against a fence by the plaza area with the big gazebo sort of thing in it. Walk up and interact to get the clue.