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Now, there’s a lot to consider when weighing this offer in terms of… “I’M DOING IT NO MATTER WHAT. I’M NOT THINKING TWICE!” Whoa, that was fast. And that pretty much sums up Noura. No pause. No self-control. No pros and cons lists. No haggling to see if she could get a better deal. Noura saw a shiny object and she grabbed it. Kind of like the way I grab a Milwaukee’s Best without asking too many questions. Questions like: Should I perhaps one day start drinking a beer that does not taste like piss?

Boston Rob’s take on his visitor was pretty blunt. I’m sorry, what I meant to say was, Boston’s Rob take on his visitor was that she had been smoking gigantic blunts. “Noura is the last person you’d want in the caller position,” said the Robfather. “She cannot coherently communicate anything to anyone. She’s living in Noura world.”

So Noura already faltered in volunteering to go to Island of the Idols, and then faltered in jumping at the challenge without taking the time to think it out. But how would she handle it when she returned to her tribe. Which brings us to…

So what would Noura’s strategy be when she got back to her beach? The way I see it, there were two decent options. Option 1 would be for Noura to come clean and say that Boston Rob and Sandra were there (because there is absolutely no reason not to reveal their presence other than bumming out the producers who want to keep it a secret) episode free gems and that they would give her advance information on the challenge if she agreed to the role they assigned her. Then she would say she agreed and then they told her she had to be the caller. This is a bit risky, however, because one or more tribemates may ask Jeff about it at the challenge or try to assign someone else to see what happens. That’s why I prefer Option 2.

Option 2 would be to pull a Kellee and make up a totally different lie about what happened at IOTI, wait until the blindfold challenge is announced by Jeff, and then promote yourself for the job. Just say, “Guys, you know how loud I am. Here’s a chance for me to put that to good use. I think I would be really good at this.” If they pick you, great! You just won an advantage. If they don’t, you lose your vote but you at least don’t seem as shady. And there’s always a good chance they let you be the caller if you ask, because players in this game are more than happy to allow others to screw themselves over by stepping up in a challenge and then not performing, because it moves the target off of themselves and onto you.

Noura, however, did not do either of those things. Instead, she got back to camp and informed her tribe that she could tell them all about the next immunity challenge ONLY if they first unanimously agreed to the role she would play in the next challenge. So, as Tommy astutely pointed out, she was asking them to agree to her role without even knowing what the challenge was. When they pressed her further, she floundered and just told them to agree and say yes. Which they did. Noura’s lie may have been the most unconvincing thing I have heard on Survivor since Phillip Sheppard first told us he was a former FBI agent, but the players wanted to hear more so they were like, “Sure, whatever.”

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