Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite, a new competitive gaming series, premiering May 28

Posted on May 27, 2020 by

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins today announced Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite, a new competitive gaming series, premiering May 28 on Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform. Confirmed participants include Nick Eh 30, Bugha, Ewok, NateHill, Reverse2K, among many others who will be competing against Ninja each week.

The show marks the debut live event series hosted on vbucks generator Ninja’s Mixer channel and will feature 60 of the world’s best Fortnite players and gaming personalities competing to win a $400,000 prize pool. It’s an example that esports-related celebrity streams can still be staged during the pandemic in an online-only form.


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Ninja defected from Twitch, a platform that he helped cement (and cemented him as well) as the largest livestreaming platform, to Mixer in August 2019. His following shrank as he did so, and he now has 3 million subscribers and 63 million views.

Fans will get to watch livestreams of six online tournaments through July in shows featuring top-tier gaming and celebrity competitors. Popular competitive Fortnite casters BallaTW and MonsterDface will provide live commentary for each competition.

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Throughout the series, each streamer will be filmed at home and on their platform of choice. Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite is the first produced series from Ninja for Mixer since he joined the platform. The show is a collaboration between Ninja and his management team Loaded, to create additional entertainment opportunities for his community.

Ninja said in a statement that this fulfills his aim when he joined Mixer to push boundaries with new kinds of streaming content and interaction.

The tournaments will begin Thursday, May 28 with new episodes airing weekly at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time. Competing streamers will also broadcast the tournament from their individual channels.