Watch this: Epic vs. Apple lawsuit heads to trial in 2021

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Facebook wants to participate in Fortnite maker Epic Games‘ high profile lawsuit against Apple, providing what it says is information about how the iPhone and iPad maker’s policies hurt other businesses. The move was revealed the same day Facebook launched a nationwide print ad campaign criticizing Apple’s privacy policies.

“We think it’s really important that the court understand far reaching impact of Apple’s unfair policies,” Steve Satterfield, a director of privacy and public policy at Facebook, said during a conference call Wednesday.

Apple said Facebook’s executives want to collect as much information abut users as possible, without regard for user privacy. Epic didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Watch this: Epic vs. Apple lawsuit heads to trial in 2021

Facebook’s move to join in Epic’s fight against Apple could change the dynamic of how the public perceives these legal battles. Epic sued Apple in August over the up to 30% commissions Apple charges for purchases people make in apps like Fortnite v bucks generator.

Epic positioned its legal battle against Apple as a fight over the way app stores and internet games work, with wide-reaching ramifications for the future of the tech industry. But many users and industry analysts saw the suit as an expensive slap fight between a multi-billion dollar company and a multi-trillion dollar company.

Whether Facebook’s participation in the lawsuit will change that is yet to be seen. Epic and Apple’s legal battle is slated to go before a jury next year.

got a new format for weekly challenges here in Fortnite

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got a new format for weekly challenges here in Fortnite, and I sort of like it: it’s back to the progressive thing that we lost track of a while ago, telling weird little stories through a series of little challenges. One of them I’m having a hard time tracking, but it involves destroying mailboxes, framing…someone…for it, and then discovering evidence that apparently points to the real perpetrator. Which is you? Or maybe the dog guy? It’s a little bit hard to tell. Regardless, you might need some help for some of these, so here’s a guide for the last one, which asks you to find clues in Lazy Lake, Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park.

The clues, I should say, are all mailboxes. Which is not at all clear, but becomes a little bit easier once you know that. Let’s go to the map:

So these are your three locations: note that little icons will appear on the map when you hover over the quest in your menu, but they’re not really where they appear in free v bucks generator game. Let’s go at them, one by one.

Pleasant Park: This one is right out in the open, up against a fence by the plaza area with the big gazebo sort of thing in it. Walk up and interact to get the clue.

What prompted Nick, Tfue, Cloakzy, and Tim to return to Fortnite?

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As for now, these developments have been very beneficial for Fortnite. However, in the bigger picture, does this mean that Fortnite will return to its former glory?

Popular YouTuber 72hrs also noticed the series of events and talked about their implications in a recent video:

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What prompted Nick, Tfue, Cloakzy, and Tim to return to Fortnite?

Before speculating on Fortnite’s future, it is important to understand the reason behind the comeback of the veterans. The first noticeable entity to return to Fortnite was Tfue, while he played in a competitive tournament in Twitch Rivals.

However, his return to the game was just a promotional event as he later clarified that he’s not excited to actually play the game.

Following Tfue, several big names like FaZe Nickmercs, TimTheTatman, and Cloakzy also returned to Fortnite. Apparently, Nickmercs and TimTheTatman played the game because of SyhperPK’s efforts, and it was a delight to watch the famous trio play together after such a long time.

Unlike Tfue, all the other returning v buck generator veterans have enjoyed their comebacks. Interestingly, Nickmercs and Cloakzy even promised their fans they’ll grind for FNCS.


Is Fortnite’s return a result of Call of Duty Warzone’s failure?

Earlier this year, a majority of the aforementioned content creators quit Fortnite for alternatives like Call of Duty: Warzone. However, the trend seems to be changing, yet again.

Just like Fortnite, the content creators are now critical of hackers in Warzone. The strong SBMM system in Call of Duty’s latest title Black Ops Cold War also worsens the situation. Upon considering these factors, the reason behind the return of these content creators is self-evident.

However, the biggest question about Fortnite’s future still remains. Owing to its massive brand value, the Marvel-themed season has also been one of the best seasons in the game, but assuming Fortnite’s future on it would be an exaggeration.

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In hindsight, a single good season and some veterans might not be enough for the return of Fortnite. Having said that, a similar approach by Epic games for the following seasons could actually result in the game coming back to its glory.

fortnite players free subscriptions for Disney Plus if they buy anything in Fortnite.

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Epic and Disney are teaming up again and this time they’re offering Fortnite players free subscriptions for Disney Plus if they buy anything in Fortnite.

Starting on Wednesday, anytime you buy something in Fortnite, including V-Bucks, using real money, you’ll get an offer for two free month of Disney Plus. Unfortunately for many people, this offer only applies to new subscribers to the Disney streaming service, so if you’re already subscribed you’re out of luck.

This is far from the first time that Disney and Epic  free v bucks generator have teamed up for Fortnite, especially considering that the game’s latest season is entirely Marvel themed. However, most of the time these collaborations involve Fortnite’s in-game content like skins, or Disney releasing trailers in the game, rather than free subscriptions.

The free two months of Disney Plus will be available until Dec. 31. The offer comes in the form of a code that expires on Jan. 31, 2021, which should give new subscribers time to decide when exactly they’d like to use it. The streaming service’s biggest show so far is The Mandalorian, which just started its second season. If you want to stick with the superhero theme, Wandavision is set to debut sometime this winter, which could be included if you start your free two months late enough in the year.

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Epic Games decided to permanently ban Jarvis Kaye

Posted on September 14, 2020 by

Epic Games decided to permanently ban Jarvis Kaye, also known as FaZe Jarvis, from Fortnite for life. The particularly harsh punishment came about after Jarvis showcased himself utilizing an aimbot in YouTube videos. And while using such cheats is against the game’s Terms of Service, many have said that Epic’s punishment was a little extreme, especially since Jarvis didn’t use the aimbot on his main account and it wasn’t in a professional competitive setting.

The situation was thrust back into the spotlight recently when Epic Games referenced Iron Man’s AI assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. in a tweet to promote its ongoing Fortnite/Marvel Comics promotion. This tweet caused “Jarvis” to trend on Twitter, but the conversation was largely about FaZe Jarvis and how Epic should “free” him from his permanent ban. Perhaps in response to this newfound attention, FaZe Jarvis decided to make a return to Fortnite streaming on Twitch.

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fortnite jarvis ban

Leafy Suspended From Twitch After Leaving YouTube For A Different Ban

Unfortunately for FaZe Jarvis, his new Fortnite v bucks generator stream didn’t last all that long. Shortly after starting the stream, he was kicked out of the game, with a message on the screen stating that his login expired or was signed in elsewhere. Jarvis seemed shocked by the situation, though some online have accused the video of being staged. Whether or not it was legitimate remains to be seen, but FaZe Jarvis said during the stream that he was banned again.

FaZe Jarvis’ Fortnite ban isn’t the only controversial player ban that has been given out by Epic Games. Earlier this year, Fortnite banned 9 year old Zenon from playing the game for a staggering four years. Zenon was banned for playing Fortnite’s Arena mode, which potentially lets players qualify for cash-prize tournaments. The minimum age requirement to do that is 13, which is why Epic banned him from the game.

Epic Games, has antagonized the world’s most powerful technology giants since at least 2016.

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Epic Games, has antagonized the world’s most powerful technology giants since at least 2016.

That year, Mr. Sweeney, a self-described computer nerd with a slightly nervous energy, lashed out in an op-ed against Microsoft, saying it was attempting “sneaky maneuvers” to dominate personal computer games. He also knocked Facebook’s Oculus Rift app store as “disappointing” for not being as “open” as it claimed.

In 2018, Mr. Sweeney went at it again. He launched Fortnite v bucks generator, Epic’s popular video game, outside Google’s Play Store to bypass its app store fees, which he called a “tax” and “disproportionate.” And in January at an industry conference, he declared that “undue power has accrued to many of the participants who are not at the core of the industry.”

His mission to rein in the power of the tech companies has now reached a fever pitch. Mr. Sweeney is preparing for a protracted legal battle after Apple and Google banned Fortnite, which is played by more than 350 million people, from their stores this month for trying to get around its payment systems. In response, Epic sued both companies, accusing them of violating antitrust laws by forcing developers to use those payment systems.

Mr. Sweeney’s yearslong public crusade against the tech Goliaths suggests that the issue is not something he will easily drop. People close to him said the fight was not about money or ego. Instead, they said, it is firmly about principle.


When the order was announced the wording suggested that all of Tencent’s

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President Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday that will prohibit Americans from making transactions with Chinese company Tencent. This led many gamers to worry about the fate of games developed by studios Tencent owns such as Riot Games, makers of League of Legends and Valorant, and Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite. However, new information suggests this order will not include Tencent’s gaming portfolio.

The controversial order, which is due to come into effect on September 20th, aims to ban transactions with Tencent due to fears over national security for the US. The order against Tencent is specifically to curb the use of WeChat, the communication and payment platform that is massive in China, with another order targeting Chinese owned video social network app Tik Tok.

When the order was announced the wording suggested that all of Tencent’s properties would be included in the ban, meaning many of the biggest games in the world could be impacted. However, a report from LA Times reporter Sam Dean reveals that the order is only to prevent WeChat transactions, and all of Tencent’s gaming portfolio is not included in the order.

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This means that all of your favorite games are currently safe from any of the President’s orders to ban Tencent from US transactions, and will continue to operate as normal for the foreseeable future.

However, if the ban had included Tencent’s gaming properties the entire fortnite v bucks generator games industry could have been in trouble. While it is well known that the company owns Riot Games and a significant stake in Epic Games, Tencent also has ownership in other developers and publishers including Activision-Blizzard, Supercell and Glu Mobile as well as many others.

The amount of gaming companies that Tencent has a stake in is quite surprising, and shows just how much influence the company has in the gaming world. If the company were to be totally banned from doing business in the US it is likely that a number of the biggest games in the world would be impacted as a result, which could be disastrous for the gaming world.

PS Now August 2020 news as PS Plus free game for PS4 is released early

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UPDATE: The new GTA 5 Online Weekly Update has arrived and includes a number of new discounts and rewards for players on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

You can find a shortlist of the best deals list below, including the following for Grand Theft Auto gamers:

Triple GTA$ and RP in Stockpile
Double Rewards on all Air Cargo Sales and at Flight School
A free Nagasaki Ultralight for any player who logs in this week
The Dewbauchee Vagner as the latest Lucky Wheel top prize
50% off select Hangars, Hangar upgrades, and Garage Properties
Vehicle Discounts, such as: 40% off the FH-1 Hunter, LF-22 Starling, Western Rogue and RM-10 Bombushka, and 30% off the Progen T20, Pegassi Osiris, Coil Rocket Voltic and Declasse Scramjet
Twitch Prime Bonuses: A GTA$200,000 bonus for playing between July 9th and 15th, plus players that played GTA Online last week and play throughout the next three weeks can earn up to GTA$1,000,000 in total
Twitch Prime Discounts: A rebate on the base property purchase price of Pixel Pete’s Arcade, and 85% off the HVY APC and Överflöd Imorgon.
ORIGINAL: Rockstar Games are on the eve of updating GTA 5 mobile Online with new deals and offers, although gamers are hoping for more content in the near future.

It’s been a while since the last big expansion was announced and fans are hoping to see something new revealed very soon. The good news is that Rockstar Games has confirmed that the popular multiplayer mode is coming to next-gen machines.

PS Now July 2020: Watch Dogs 2 the next PS4 game to join service
WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date and character roster REVEALED
This means there are plenty of reasons for the Grand Theft Auto development team to keep adding new content.

For now, there are only rumours suggesting what that might be, and it’s going to be hard for Rockstar to top the opening of the Casino.  Episode Gems Generator

But they’ve been silent for so long, fans are hoping that some big news will be announced very soon.

Until then, gamers can enjoy the latest discounts and rewards, so that they can be ready for all the new vehicle releases. Rockstar likes to offer new discount each week, usually starting on a Thursday.

So if the dev team is going to stick to their normal schedule, we would expect all the current deals to disappear at around 9am BST, on Thursday, July 9. This will be across all platforms, meaning PS4, Xbox One and PC.

GTA Online has been celebrating Independence Day this week, with these rewards currently available in-game:

Rewards in Business Battles, including the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt and the Supa Wet Beer Hat
Double GTA$ & RP in the Missile Base Series
Half off Independence Day Specials, such as the Liberator Monster Truck, the Firework Launcher, celebratory clothing, Face Paints and more
A Western Sovereign adorned with a custom livery is the latest Lucky Wheel top prize
60% off Mammoth Avengers and their customizations, and 70% off all Bunkers, Hangars and Facilities
Half off all Yachts, select Vehicles and Arcade Properties
Twitch Prime Bonuses: A new round of GTA$200,000 bonuses for playing between July 2nd – 8th, with up to GTA$1,000,000 for playing between now and July 29th
PlayStation Plus Member Benefits: A GTA$1,000,000 bonus for playing between now and August 5th, plus earn GTA$1,000,000 each month for playing until the launch of GTA Online on PlayStation 5
Twitch Prime Discounts: A rebate on the base property purchase price of Pixel Pete’s Arcade, 80% off the V-65 Molotok jet fighter, and 70% off the Declasse Mamba
PS5: Sony confirm enhanced GTA V will be available on console
Play Video

PS5 State of Play August event: More next-gen exclusives still to come
There’s a good chance that most of the stuff listed above will be going back to its normal rotation. So it will be worth logging onto the game tonight and grabbing anything you might have missed.

Noteworthy discounts include:

Mammoth Avengers and their customizations are 60% off, too. Plus, avoid the huddled masses and retreat to the safety of a heavily discounted underground Bunker, or take advantage of sales on a wide range of other properties, vehicles and customizations:

50% Off Arcade Properties
50% Off Vehicles:

All Yachts
Mammoth Thruster
Pegassi Oppressor Mk II
Mammoth Tula
RM-10 Bombushka
V-65 Molotok
Principe Deveste Eight
Emperor ETR1
Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire
Buckingham Luxor
Buckingham Luxor Deluxe
Buckingham Swift
Buckingham Swift Deluxe
Fortnite collect Floating Rings at Weeping Woods Week 7 challenge map locations REVEALED
Fortnite collect Floating Rings at Weeping Woods Week 7 challenge map locations REVEALED
PS5 pre-order latest as PS4 gamers get positive PlayStation 5 release update
PS5 pre-order latest as PS4 gamers get positive PlayStation 5 release update
PS Now August 2020 news as PS Plus free game for PS4 is released early
PS Now August 2020 news as PS Plus free game for PS4 is released early
50% Off Independence Day Specials

Liberator monster truck
Sovereign motorcycle
Firework Launcher
Vehicle Horns
Tire/Parachute Smoke
Face Paints
MOC Liveries
Mk II Weapon Livery
Firework Ammo
USA Parachute Bag
70% Off All Bunkers, Hangars and Facilities
Forget GTA 6, this new PS5 and Xbox Series X game could be big
GTA 6 release news: PS5 may have one big advantage over Xbox Series X
PS5 or Xbox Series X for FREE: UK gamers could get surprise windfall

Collect floating rings at Pleasant Park

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Fortnite is back for its third season and with it, a whole new set of challenges. With the arrival of Splashdown, the popular battle royale game is taking the combat to the water following the Doomsday Device event on June 18 when the storm took over and flooded the island. As in previous seasons, players can purchase a Battle Pass to unlock skins, emotes and other cosmetics for 950 V-Bucks, or approximately $9.50.

Unlocking the new cosmetics for Fortnite: Season 3 requires completing weekly challenges. Like developer Epic Games did last season with Deadpool, there are additional tasks to unlock a special character: Aquaman. The Jason Momoa-inspired character will be unlockable sometime this season after completing all of the special challenges.

Week 4 challenges

The challenges for week 4.

Epic Games

Collect floating rings at Pleasant Park

This week features another ring collecting challenge. Head to Pleasant Park and look for the rings found across the area.

Here are the rest of the week’s challenges:

  • Search chests at Salty Springs (0/7).
  • Eliminations at Holly Hedges (0/3).
  • Complete a lap at Motorboat Mayhem.
  • Land at Frenzy Farm and finish Top 25.
  • Collect Metal from Rickety Rig (0/200).
  • Dance on camera for 10s at Sweaty Sands (0/10).

Aquaman challenges

Fortnite Aquaman
Hunky Jason Momoa is yours if you complete the challenges.

Epic Games

Like with Deadpool in season 2, Aquaman is a character skin available for players who have a Battle Pass and complete all the special challenges. Expect new v buck generator tasks every week before the DC superhero is unlocked.

Week 1 has players use a whirlpool at the Fortilla location. The Fortilla is easy to find at the southwest part of the island, and the whirlpool is simple to locate. Swim to it and let it shoot you into the air. That’s it, you’re done for this week.

For week 2, players will have to ride behind a loot shark at Sweaty Sands.

Fortnite Aquaman challenge
Aquaman week 2 challenge.

Epic Games

To start, head to Sweaty Sands on the Western part of the map. Once there, look for a fishing pole. Equip it and look for any sharks in the water. Don’t get in the water, as they can kill you. Cast your fishing line near one, and it’ll bite down on the line. Once it does, it’s going to take off, and you’ll have to control it like a boat. After you take it for a little ride, you’re done.

Week 3’s challenge is a real simple one. Players will need to catch two types of fish in a single match. All that’s needed for this is to get a fishing pole and go do some fishing.

The week 4 Aquaman challenge will have players racing around in Dirty Docks.

Fortnite Aquaman Challenge
It’s time to race.

Epic Games

As is the case with all Time Trial challenges, you’re on the lookout for a blue stopwatch. Head to the spot on the map below where Dirty Docks used to be and keep an eye out near the big cranes.

Fortnite is back with yet another ultra-rare

Posted on July 2, 2020 by

Fortnite is back with yet another ultra-rare, mythic golden item. This is the sequel to the mythic fish from a while back, the almost impossible to find item that could one-shot any enemy when thrown, but you were almost never going to actually see it in a game due to its rare spawn rate.

Now, we have a similar item.

According to leaker HYPEX, there is a new golden mushroom in the game that gives you 100 shields when found, and you can stack up to three of them in your inventory.


That is a crazy low spawn rate, yes, and yet with millions of Fortnite v bucks generator games played every day, some players are bound to run into the thing. There’s a video below of what appears to be someone getting the golden mushroom on video (I regret to tell you mine is photoshopped above), and while it could be fake, this is the best video I’ve seen so far, though I am looking for others.

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I don’t know exactly why Epic keeps making these hyper rare items like this, I guess just for a bit of fun, though the average player will never see one, and they will likely not turn the tide of any games. This golden mushroom in particular has some people thinking about Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold, so I suppose this could be some sort of signal that maybe he’s alive and was not in fact eaten by a shark, like we saw in the opening trailer for this season.


How to find this mushroom? Again, you probably won’t, but mushrooms spawn in usually wooded, shady areas, and there are usually a bunch of them scattered around that will give you 5 shield each, not 100 like the golden one. If you find one, please let me know on Twitter, and I will post it here.

Are there any other secret items Epic v buck generator has hidden this season? There do not appear to be, but one of these is probably enough, and I’m wondering if they’re going to keep doing something like this every single season of Chapter 2. Waiting for a golden apple that spawns Trojan armies onto the map. What, no Greek mythology fans in the audience. Whatever, read a book.