Epic Games has completely changed the frequency of video game updates

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Fortnite Battle Royale” players have been getting more content in the second season of the new chapter. In the first season of Chapter 1, Epic Games has completely changed the frequency of video game updates, and despite that season being the longest one in “Fortnite” history, it did not get many updates. Throughout the period of more than four months, players have received just a few new items and sometimes a month would pass between the updates.

Fortunately, Chapter 2 – Season 2 is different as the video game developer has been releasing bi-weekly updates in it, along with several hotfixes.

The bad side of more frequent updates, however, is that they bring a few bugs with them almost everytime. “Fortnite” players have recently found out two game-breaking glitches, including one that gives players infinite wins, and popular YouTuber Lazarbeam has made a video about them.

The glitches have to be fixed soon as they ruin gameplay
Whenever a new “Fortnite Battle Royale” comes out, YouTuber Glitch King posts a video with new glitches. At this point, it is clear that Epic Games should start working on public test servers as almost every update brings an annoying bug.

While some of the bugs are not serious at all, they could definitely be avoided by letting players play new patches before they go live on public servers.

Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott has used two glitches from Glitch King in his most recent video, demonstrating how broken they are. The popular YouTuber has shared the glitch which gives players invisiblity and one that lets them get infinite victories without much effort.

Players are hoping that Epic Games is going to fix these glitches soon as they completely ruin gameplay. “This is so broken that you are going to see some stuff vaulted, I’m sure of it,” Lazarbeam stated, before revealing how to replicate the ridiculous bugs.

As you can see in the video above, the invisibility glitch requires the Cardboard box item and it can be done by aiming and crouching at the right time.

The glitch makes player’s model disappear, allowing them to get easy eliminations against their enemies. The helicopter and the Grappler are required for the infinite victory glitch, and it can also be done very easily. Players need to get into a helicopter and go as high as possible, then switch to a side of it and use the Grappler on the vehicle. By doing this, the helicopter will pass the game’s skybox and won’t take damage from other players in the lobby.

The next update
Epic Games will most likely release another “Fortnite v bucks generator Battle Royale” update soon. The new update update should come out on Tuesday, March 31, and we are hoping that it will fix some of the biggest problems with the game.

A new feature was just added to Fortnite in a recent patch

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A new feature was just added to Fortnite in a recent patch, seen above. It’s the ability to save custom loadouts from your locker based on all your different preferences for skin, glider, wraps, back bling and so on. There’s a ten slot max and you can switch between them with ease, avoiding going through a mess of menus fore each item every time you want to switch.

For the love of god, how did Fortnite get saved loadouts before Destiny 2?

This has been an ongoing bit of weirdness in Destiny for ages now. The game has existed for over five years now, and yet it has never managed to get a loadout system going. The best you can do is lock items in game so you don’t accidentally delete them, and you have to turn to out-of-game tools like DIM if you want to save overall loadouts, but even that has limitations.

What I’m looking for with Destiny is something like we see in The Division 2 where saving your current set of gear and switching back and forth to it is as simple as free v bucks generator holding a single button down for two seconds. It allows me to swap builds on the fly, something that is nigh impossible to do with Destiny, and it has a truly impressive level of granular detail. It’s not just saving your gear, it’s your subclass, your mods, your skills, literally everything.


Destiny is now in a place where creating a wider variety of builds is possible, and encouraged. Previously, you might have your raid build and your PvP build and not much else. But now? The introduction of seasonal mods and buffed exotics has really opened the doors for a much wider range of builds. And yet you often feel stuck into one or two because of the mess of the game’s inventory management system.

To change your build, you have to swap absolutely everything. Each individual piece of gear, your class, subclass, often mods, any cosmetics you want to change. Everything. It’s such a pain that most players won’t even bother with it, which is very antithetical to how much work Bungie has put into the new armor 2.0 system for greater customization, and creative new types of builds from Charged with Light to Warmind Cells.

Destiny has always needed some sort of loadout system, but now that issue is escalating the more we see the game lean into more complicated builds based around RPG design. The more complicated builds become, the most interesting they are to play, but the harder they are to design and maintain and switch between, and loadouts would help a great deal with that.

While this has been requested for years, if Destiny is going to continue to lean into being an RPG, it needs to design some sort of system to implement this. Granted, one that is likely a lot more complicated than what we’re seeing now from Fortntie, but it really does need something akin to The Division at the very least, and I genuinely think this needs to be a priority in coming seasons, or the big fall expansion. It’s been half a decade, it’s time for loadouts in a game like this.

Epic Games is bringing mobility to the new map in a big way: a helicopter

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biggest patch of Fortnite season 2 so far, Epic Games is bringing mobility to the new map in a big way: a helicopter. The new vehicle is called the Choppa and it’s part of Fortnite patch v12.20, but since Epic doesn’t release full patch notes, we don’t know exactly what else has changed.


The helicopter spawns in various places throughout the map — mostly on helipads which are located near most major cities — and can seat four players, along with the pilot. That means you’ll have enough room for every person in your four person squad and … another passenger, I guess? While this may be a little more space than necessarily for four-person squads, it makes the helicopter perfect for big-team game modes where you might need to shuttle quite a few people from a few different squads to the front lines of a battle.

This is Fortnite v bucks generator first major airborne vehicle since Epic Games added the plane to the game back in chapter 1. When it was released, the plane was incredibly strong. Not only could players cross the map in a flash, but it also had powerful machine guns that were nearly impossible to build against. It could also ram players’ structures, destroying them instantly.

It seems that Epic has learned a little more about what players like since then. Unlike the fast and maneuverable plane, the helicopter is slow and very vulnerable. All four passenger players can be easily shot by anyone on the ground, and the helicopter itself has 1,500 health, which means it can stand up to a few shots from one person, but if a whole squad wants to bring you down, you won’t last long.

Perhaps even more dangerous, when you jump out of the helicopter you don’t get the option to reopen your glider. That means to safely exit the vehicle, you’ll need to land or at least get very close to the ground, otherwise you’ll take fall damage or even die.

While it seems like Epic has done quite a few things to help keep the helicopter’s power in check, and off-set its mobility, we’ll just have to wait and see how players use it to know how strong it really is. Since we don’t get patch notes anymore, it may be difficult to see what changes Epic is making, but if the vehicle is too overpowered and it has to make a major change, we’ll likely get an official statement from the developer.

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 started Thursday and gave the game a spy motif

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Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 started Thursday and gave the game a spy motif. As in previous seasons, players can purchase a Battle Pass to unlock skins, emotes and other cosmetics for 950 V-Bucks, or approximately $9.50. Unlocking the content requires players to earn experience points, and tackling the weekly challenges gives the largest number of points. The most notable unlockables are the fully customizable Maya, the powerful Meowscles and the gold-armed Midas for those who reach tier 100. Season 2 also sees the inclusion of the fourth-wall-breaking Marvel hero Deadpool. His outfit can be unlocked by completing the special Deadpool weekly challenges.

TNTina’s Trial

Bosses are new additions in season 2. You probably already know who they are, since they’re prominently featured when logging on to the game. It’s Brutus, Midas, Meowscles, Skye and TNTina. These bosses can be found in the new locations on the map: the Grotto, the Shark, the Yacht, the Rig and the Agency. You can also seek them out at the Shadow safe houses on the map below fortnite v bucks generator. Some will be roaming the areas, but shaking down a henchman will give you an icon that points to where they are. Be quick when finding them because other players are doing the same, and they’ll take them out before you get a chance to deal any damage.

Destroy structures with propane tanks (0/10)

Red propane tanks can easily be found on the Rig. Grab one and use it against an opponent’s structure. However, to make sure you destroy the structure, you may want to take a few shots at the building and then use the propane tank to finish it off.

Destroy sentry cameras or sentry turrets (0/5)

Sentry cameras and turrets are found at the previously mentioned safe houses and GHOST house. Keep an eye out for them when entering one of the areas, and take them out.

Here are the rest of the challenges:

  • Eliminate players using explosives (0/5).
  • Search chests at Holly Hedges or Retail Row (0/10).
  • Catch air with a motorboat (0/5).
  • Visit different landmarks (0/15).
  • Use Upgrade Bench to sidegrade a weapon (0/3).
  • Land at the Rig, Hydro 16, and Logjam Woodworks (0/3).
  • Eliminate players without using shield or healing items in between eliminations (0/2).

Deadpool challenges

As mentioned earlier, Deadpool is the big surprise in season 2. There’s a set of weekly challenges that are part of the season Battle Pass and once completed, will unlock the Deadpool outfit. The first task is to actually find the challenge.

From the game lobby, click on the vent off to the right.

GTA Online Is Bigger Than Anyone Realizes

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Every few months, like clockwork, one of two headlines pops into existence. Either Grand Theft Auto 5 has extended its lead as the best-selling video game of all time with 5-10 million new copies sold, or Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best-selling games in a given month despite first debuting in 2013.

The latter headline happened this week when NPD released new sales numbersGTA 5 is a top five best-selling title once again for the first time since August 2019. By last count it has sold 120 million copies, dwarfing pretty much every other game in existence by a significant margin.

Every time this happens, I find myself asking the same question. Why? Why this game? Why is it this successful? And even as a 10 year industry veteran and analyst, I still cannot for the life of me crack this mystery.

Let me be clear, nothing else is even close to the success of GTA 5. Here’s the list of the top 20 best-selling games of all time:

There are a lot of different things happening with this list, but to extract a few points:

Minecraft and Tetris are above GTA 5, and yet they are available on a zillion platforms and they have never been priced anywhere close to $60. The same is true for PUBG, which is priced much lower.

Games like Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 are so high mainly because of bundle deals with various Wii, Wii U or Switch consoles.

The first time you even start getting to a game on this list that is bundle-free and somewhat comparable to the AAA GTA 5, it’s probably Skyrim at 30 million copies sold, by last count, though I’d guess it was higher after a few more re-releases. And yet that is still just a quarter of what GTA 5 has sold in the 6+ gears. Red Dead Redemption 2 was a massive hit for Rockstar as well, and even that’s only about to crack 30 million at the bottom end of the top 20 list.

So, why has it sold this many copies, and why does it continue to sell so many copies to this day? As I said, this is something I have been trying to understand for years now, but I don’t have all the answers. As best I can tell:

GTA 5 Is A Perfect “Default” Game – Let’s say you’re an average gamer and have picked up X or Y console at some point in its lifespan. What’s the first game you buy? For many players, the answer has been GTA 5 with a frankly absurd attach rate. It has something for everyone. It has a solid single player story campaign, or a single player “goof around” sandbox if you want to play it that way. It has a grindable, healthy online mode in GTA Online, although you can also just mess around there too if you want. Within these modes there are deathmatch shooters, car races, co-op heists, it’s a huge range of activities. It’s potentially hundreds of hours of content from a franchise everyone knows and likes. And so, instant buy.

It Was Cross-Gen, Cross-Platform In A Big Way – GTA 5 was massive when it was first released near the tail end of the PS3/360 generation. And yet Rockstar then came out with a “next gen” remastered version of the game shortly just a year into the new console generation, which had a lot of people re-purchase it for the new platforms. And then they finally did a PC release alongside that as well, which expanded its reach even further. The timing of all this was perfect as it got to be a massive seller on two console generations within a year of each other, and forced many players to buy two copies, at least.

GTA Online Is Bigger Than Anyone Realizes – You really do not hear all that much about GTA Online on a day to day basis in this industry, and yet millions of players are spending millions of hours and dollars on the mode every single year. Rockstar has completely left single player content behind to do nothing but support GTA 5 MOBILE Online with frequent updates, and while there have always been controversies ranging from cheating to microtransaction prices, GTA Online is a slumbering giant in the industry that most people like myself continually ignore despite its massive playerbase. It also has the benefit of rewarding players who “work” in the mode to build a fortune through pure grinding rather than relying on random RNG and drops like many modern day loot-based games.

These are the main reasons I can think of, and honestly, it’s still not enough to make 120 million copies, 4x the sales of its closest comparable rival, make sense to me. I simply don’t understand that scale no matter how many contributing factors I can come up with. I am open to more theories but this remains one of the weirdest records in the video game industry and really, all of entertainment, as I believe that GTA 5 has now made more money than any book, album or movie in history as well.

How? How are you doing it Rockstar?

Fortnite is back with a brand new way of giving out challenges with a giant map

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Fortnite is back with a brand new way of giving out challenges with a giant map in the middle of your crews hideout. This gives some vague location hints about where these are done, but I’m not ready to have my guides put out of business just yet.

The first challenge asks players to land at Lockey’s Lighthouse, Apres Ski and Mount Kay, and you have to do all three to complete the challenge. It’s a simple landing, nothing more, but you may not know where each of these exact locations are off the top of your head, so here we go.

Go here to see where to open doors locked by an ID scanner. Go here to see all the season 2, week 1 challenges.

As shown in the central map in the challenge display, here’s where the three different locations are for the landmarks:

Again, this is going to take three different matches. Here’s what your looking for when you get to each location:

I think you probably know what Lockey’s Lighthouse is at this point, as it’s one of the biggest individual fixtures on t

Apres Ski is the ski lodge where there is a constant dance party going on inside. I am still kind of sad we can’t actually ski down mountains now that hoverboards are no longer a thing.

And finally Mount Kay is one of the giant mountains on the map, the southern most of the two main ones in the south east of the map.

Once you land at these locations, you’ll get the big chunk of XP. If you’re looking for other places to lank, you might want to try the Shark and the Grotto as there’s another challenge for finding chests there. The Grotto is a large, underground cavern area that was just added this fortnie v bucks generator season that you can find just north of Retail Row. The Shark is in the north west corner of the map and is a little out of the way to get to, though it does have a helicopter pad if you want to leave. It’s essentially an island mansion on top of a giant stone shark, which is pretty cool to see.

Fortnite went from relative silence to releasing more or less a non-stop onslaught of teasers the past two days

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Fortnite dropped yet another teaser for Chapter 2, Season 2, which you can see above. This one is pretty clear, as it seems to imply that dynamite is returning in season 2, and perhaps with all the “danger” signs in various languages, it could get an explosive buff. You could also read into this as perhaps the chaos engine being spooled up for greater destruction, but who knows.

Fortnite went from relative silence to releasing more or less a non-stop onslaught of teasers the past two days, all with this black and gold theme, all with the overall concept of “redacted” information with blacked out text. Fortnite’s tweet with this image attached has more blacked out entires that perhaps may be revealed later today with more tweets:


There has been a lot to process with the teasers we have seen so far, but I am going to try and recap everything that’s been revealed or potentially revealed so far.

– A teaser yesterday had a puzzle that formed the mask of Chaos Agent, the bad guy skin from last season. The text alongside this image says “minions” or “henchmen” in a bunch of different languages.

– One teaser showed a boat, possibly a cruise ship, as a potential new location.

– Another teaser showed a thunderstorm, meaning we could possibly get weather that isn’t the normal purple “kill you” storm.

– A helicopter pad symbol was seen hidden in the background of one of the teasers, implying that could potentially be a new vehicle this season to give the map some much-needed mobility.

– Also hidden in the background v buck generator appears to show the central island of the map being built up into potentially some sort of military base (this is currently where items are turning gold inside the house there).

– There is a clear picture of the [REDACTED] landmark on the map, the giant, unbreakable door that leads into the mountain, which says that perhaps that opens and has something to do with the events of this season. There is also a handprint scanner at that door, and a golden handprint has been the key symbol of these teasers so far. It’s in G7 on the map if you want to go see it for yourself.

– There have been a series of phone messages attached to international numbers that give out a variety of cryptic dialogue lines having to do with agents and operations and vaults and a couple with map coordinates (that haven’t panned out yet).

I think that just about covers it for now, unless I’m forgetting something. Yesterday brought about four different teasers as well as the “things turning gold” update, so I am expecting to see a lot more still to come today.

My advice? I will be compiling all of this as it happens, so check back here over the course of the day to see what else has happened and what Epic is revealing now.

Because of this new update, Epic has also pushed back the start of Fortnite Chapter 2’s second season.

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Epic Games is changing up Fortnite’s physics engine. The popular battle royale game will move to the Unreal Engine’s new Chaos physics engine with the 11.50 update, which is currently scheduled for early February.

While a change in the game’s physics engine may sound like a big deal, in the announcement of the change, Epic says that the main goal is to make sure that “Fortnite still feels like Fortnite.” In other words, you shouldn’t notice much of a difference. To make things smoother, Epic is also rolling this change out slowly by “starting tests with a small group of players.”

Several Fortnite players stand facing the camera with weapons in hand

Because of this new update, Epic has also pushed back the start of Fortnite Chapter 2’s second season. This marks the second delay of the current Fortnite season. This season began with the start of Chapter 2 back in October 2019. The season was originally set to end in Decemberbut was extended to Feb. 6. On Friday, Epic pushed the date for Chapter 2 season 2 back to Feb. 20.

As always, this delay doesn’t mean that nothing is happening in Fortnite. Along with the extra weeks added to the season, Epic free v bucks generator is also adding new Overtime Challenges for players to complete, and a new two-week event that hasn’t been announced yet. Epic says that it will tease this event on its social media channels.

Notably, Fortnite’s Twitter responded to a tweet about Warner Bros.’ Birds of Prey movie just this morning, saying “See you soon Harley” Birds of Prey hits theaters on Feb. 7 so, www.contrainfoteca.info that seems like a good guess that the upcoming event could be a tie-in to the Harley Quinn-centric movie.

So far, Chapter 2’s first season has offered fewer changes than previous seasons — at least that Epic has noted publicly — but there’s no way to know if that will continue into season 2. The announcement post does include a few teases of the changes coming next season, but Epic has redacted them out so we can’t see what exactly they say. For now, we’ll just have to wait until Feb. 20 to see what kind of changes Chapter 2 season 2 will bring to Fortnite.

Fortnite x Birds of Prey crossover event in late January of 2020

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Epic Games started teasing the Fortnite x Birds of Prey crossover event in late January of 2020, following previously successful events like Marvel’s Avengers, Netflix’s Stranger Things, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

ShiinaBR didn’t provide any images of the new Harley Quinn Fortnite skin, but they did tell us when the crossover event will start, and gave more details on the skin, itself.

An image of characters from Marvel's Avengers in Fortnite.

Items and cosmetics from Marvel’s Avengers made their way into Fortnite before the movie’s release, and Birds of Prey could work the same way.

To start, Shiina claimed that the Birds of Prey crossover event would begin on Thursday, February 6 at 7 PM EST – a day before the movie officially releases on Feb. 7.

Along with the original Harley Quinn skin, players will be able to unlock a completely new style of the skin by completing certain challenges, which have yet to be revealed.

Finally, to go along with the Harley skin, two pickaxes will be available in the Item Shop – and our money is on at least one of them being a large mallet

A source that has provided me with correct information about Fortnite in the past has told me information about the upcoming Harley Quinn outfit:

– Release: February 6 at 7pm ET free v bucks generator
– There will be Challenges that unlock another style
– Two Pickaxes will be sold in the Item Shop

“Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt,” ShiinaBR advised, which is always a good plan to follow with leaks that are impossible to verify at the time.

“I can not fully prove the accuracy of this information myself, but this same source has only provided me with 100% correct information in the past,” Shiina added. “So I’ll fully trust them with the information they gave me for this outfit.”

The good news is: Fortnite fans will only have to wait a few days (until February 6) to find out whether this information is legit or not.

I can not fully prove the accuracy of this information myself, but this same source has only provided me with 100% correct information in the past, so I’ll fully trust them with the information they gave me for this outfit.

Although other skins and cosmetics for characters in Birds of Prey will likely crop up over time, Harley Quinn is definitely the heroine most people will be looking forward to.

Stick with Dexerto for all the info on everything in the Forntite X Birds of Prey crossover event when it gets going on February 6.

Fortnite update 11.40 leaked skins and new items

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Needless to say, the big new numbered update is accompanied by a period of server downtime, which means no Battle Royale until it comes back online.

Fortunately, hardcore Fortnite v bucks generator fans like Lucas7Yoshi have been busy unearthing the secrets of update 11.40, which means there are lots of new leaks to pore over.

One of the more interesting new features is the new Sidegrading function, which was leaked in the newsfeed.

According to the in-game news, sidegrading lets players “use the Upgrade Stations to convert your AR to a Heavy AR”.

Fans have also uncovered a bevy of new challenges, which will be available within the coming weeks.

This includes the Ripley vs Sludge set of challenges, which task players with destroying Slurp Barrels, searching for hidden gnomes and catching fish.

Fortnite update 11.40 leaks

Fans will also be able to take on the 8-Ball vs Scratch and the Cameo vs Chic challenges, which include tasks such as destroying telescopes, dancing at the top of mountains and bouncing on objects.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 secret revealed before Season 1 end date

Fortnite 11.40 patch notes: Epic FINALLY makes big changes to Season 1
Fortnite: Epic Games introduces ‘weapon sidegrading’ update
Play Video

A new update also means lots of new skins, items and rewards for players to unlock.

As you can see from the leaked image below, new skins include the Oro outfit, the Zadie skin, Metal Mouth, Jellie and Komplex.

That’s on top of the Swift, Gan, Tigeress, Jade Racer, Clash and Snow Sniper skins. You can check out Lucas7Yoshi’s Twitter for a closer look.

The Fortnite dataminer has also uncovered plans for a new Creative event, titled Search and Destroy.

Participants will be tasked with earning gold, eliminating opponents and activating (or deactivating) timers.

Fortnite update 11.40 leaks

Fortnite update 11.40 leaked skins and new items (Image: LUCAS7YOSHI)
As for update 11.40, fans can expect fixes for a lot of long-standing issues that have plagued Battle Royale and Save the World.

According to the early 11.40 patch notes, the new update will fix an issue with the gifting process for console players.

Epic will also fix an issue with the Quick Bar, as well as Star Wars Legacy entries, Sniper Rifle crosshairs and editing.

Thankfully, the new update also includes a fix for the Overtime Challenge “Visit different bus stops” not tracking for all bus stops.