Fortnite in real life: A private island is to become the competition site. (Source: Epic Games

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If you’ve ever wanted to try Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite in real life, you might soon be able to attend one of these events yourself. A millionaire wants to sell 100 people on a private island and let them compete against each other for about three days. The winner even receives a hefty prize mone

An unknown millionaire who is a real fan of Fortnite , Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Apex Legends wants to bring the Battle Royale feeling to the real world. The news comes from the luxury shopping company Hush Hush, which is already looking for an organizer on behalf of the millionaire.

Interested organizers should ideally already have experience with events of enormous magnitude. Finally, a whole island must be prepared for the realistic Battle Royale experience. It is therefore necessary to hide weapons and ammunition and of course also the “playground” to prepare accordingly. So far, the project is still in the conception phase.

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Of course, no life-threatening weapons with live ammunition should be used here. Instead, so-called airsoft weapons are to be used. The players who meet on the island then wear pressure-sensitive vests, which can absorb the bullets and thereby “calculate” the damage.

Three days of competition and more than 115,000 euros in prize money

The Fortnite v buck generator-like event will last for three days with 100 participants. Fighting is twelve hours a day. At night, players can set up camp. Supplies and camping gear provide the millionaire for the registration. Who is the last in the race in the end, also wins 100,000 British pounds as prize money. That corresponds to about 115,000 euros.

Fortnite’s new ping system might look rather familiar for Apex Legends fans.

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Many people have tried to take legal action against the developer’s decision to add a variety of different content to the game’s battle royale mode, with most recent examples being Alfonso Ribeiro’s failed ‘Carlton Dance’ case and rapper 2 Milly arguing that the ‘Milly Rock’ danceshouldn’t be an emote.

While these law suits have proved unsuccessful at the time of writing, it’s not only emotes that people have accused Epic of stealing and the idea of suing them for their content is something the game’s online community has embraced as a meme – more than a genuine possibility.

So, let’s take a look at our list of 10 things in Fortnite that definitely aren’t a copy of something else…

Ark Skin

The Ark Skin in Fortnite looks very similar to an Overwatch hero.

So, do we have any Overwatch fans in? They will know what we’re talking about here.

This Ark skin sprung onto the scene on January 10, 2019 and it, shall we say, has a very familiar look. In fact, a very similar look to a hero from another game. Whether it’s the halo around the head, the wings or the main outfit itself, people think this is a copy of Mercy from Overwatch.

Come on, though, they wouldn’t do that.

Ping system

Fortnite’s new ping system might look rather familiar for Apex Legends fans.

The game’s map marker system just wasn’t up to scratch when it was first released, as things were too slow. Players had to go through the process of stopping, pulling their map out and marking somewhere for their team to see every time they changed route.

Then, when Epic finally released a brand new Fortnite ping system on February 28, they’re suddenly accused of stealing the idea from the newest addition to the battle royale market at the time, Apex Legends. Come on, that’s just ludicrous!

Building feature

Building has always been in Fortnite, but it’s not exactly an original idea is it?

If you put all of the current battle royale games in front of you and look at the differences that set the better ones apart, PUBG excels with its slow pace, Call of Duty Blackout has merged the most popular shooting game in history with a brand new concept, but you can’t build in any of those games.

Fortnite players can harvest materials from across the map and build fortresses. In fact, they even have a Creative mode now too that gives players unlimited items and materials to build whatever they want!

“Did they steal these ideas from Minecraft?” Oh, don’t be silly. All original.

Foraged Items

Foraged Items might be new to Fortnite v buck generator, but not everyone knows where the idea first started.

Many fans like to engage with other members of the game’s online community on Reddit, and if you’re pretty active on the Fortnite BR page, you might well have seen the new Foraged Items before they were added by Epic Games.

Well, what do we mean by that? Reddit user, AndrewIsCoolio, posted a concept on March 18 for Lazy Lagoon which included adding coconuts to the new location, which could be consumed by players and increase their

Fortnite iOS update 8.11.1 patch notes

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Battle royale fans never have to wait for the right time to chase a victory thanks to Fortnite on iOS, and the latest update version 8.11.1 should make the game run more smoothly than ever. Just like with the base version of the game on PC and home consoles, Fortnite v buck generator mobile is kept up-to-date with new patches and updates with performance and stability tweaks. Find out what’s new in Fortnite iOS update version 8.11.1 by reading over the patch notes featured below.

Fortnite iOS update version 8.11.1

The Fortnite v buck generator iOS update version 8.11.1 are fabulously brief: Speaking over on the official Fortnite mobile subreddit, an Epic Games representative detailed the release of the latest patch. Primarily focusing on keeping the game functioning properly, the update is “intended to help with some of the stability issues that players have been experiencing,” and includes “a new way for [the developers] to gather more information when crashes occur [in] order to resolve these issues as quickly [as possible.]”
Fortnite iOS players should be sure to check out the latest new skins in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Here are the full patch notes for the latest Fortnite mobile iOS update.

Fortnite iOS update patch notes version 8.11.1

“The v8.11.1 patch has done a lot to improve stability. We wanted to update you that we’re still working on eliminating other stability and performance issues that you may be experiencing. If you are having any issues with this current patch please be sure to report the issue in game and let us know.”

Fortnite looks to be hinted at an upcoming event on the actual St. Patrick’s Day

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Fortnite has shown a tendency to celebrate various holidays as they happen and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day is no different.

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday and is commonly associated with leprechauns. Fortnite looks to be hinted at an upcoming event on the actual St. Patrick’s Day, by adding rainbows into the game.

It looks like reports have started coming in of rainbows appearing in Fortnite very recently. We do know Epic Games has something planned for St. Patrick’s Day if the leaks are anything to go by.

Dataminers have revealed a new LTM coming called ‘All Green’ which will be available in the solo, duos and squads playlists. All of the loot in the game will be green with the exception of Treasure Map loot.

The rainbows are probably being added in as a way to build hype for the event because Fortnite manages to always tell a story without having an actual storyline.

If the datamine is true, then we can look for the ‘All Green’ event to kick off sometime tomorrow, March 17.

When Tfue and Cloak first noticed the rainbow they couldn’t actually remember if it was new or free v buck generator .

“Was that rainbow always there?” asked Cloak. “Hell no, that shit wasn’t always there,” responded Tfue after he saw it for the first time.

Then the two finally came to the conclusion that Fortnite is likely gearing up for the St. Patricks Day event.

UPDATE: Epic has updated their account saying the issues appear to be resolved

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If you’re trying to get in for a few quick rounds of Fortnite and find that you can’t log-in, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Epic Games took to the title’s official Twitter account to reveal that there is a wide-spread report concerning login issues and the studio is quickly working on a fix to get everybody back up and running and chasing those Battle Stars in no time.

The above tweet reads, “We’re aware that players are having issues with logins. We’re currently working on a fix.”

Others were quick to add that the issues go beyond simple log-in problems. free v bucks generator Others are claiming that they can’t even get the title to launch. Even though Epic Games hasn’t addressed that particular issue, we’re sure that they are aware of that and are including it in their troubleshooting process.

There is also a checklist available that shows which parts of the server are up and running, and what areas are negatively affected. At the time this article was written, below is what the official site said about the current state of the battle royale game’s servers:

  • Website and Forums Operational
  • Game Services Operational
  • Login Partial Outage
  • Parties, Friends, and Messaging Degraded Performance
  • Voice Chat Partial Outage
  • Matchmaking Operational
  • Stats and Leaderboards Operational
  • Store Operational

If you’re experiencing any issues getting into the game, please contact Epic Games over on their website here to issue a ticket. For now, the team working on a fix to get everything back up and running so players can continue on carrying out what week 3 has to offer.

Running into any different issues other than logging in? Heard back from Epic Games Support? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy. You can also keep it tuned into our Game Hub here for even more Fortnite news.

So, if you’re ready to jump into the world of Fortnite, here’s how to download it on your platform of choice and jump right into the action.

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How to Get Fortnite on Switch

Nintendo’s Switch makes it easy to get access to Fortnite, thanks to its built-in game store. Simply head over to your Switch console and go to the Nintendo eShop from the device’s home screen. From there, you can search for Fortnite, choose to download it, and get going at no charge.

If you prefer in-game content with your purchase, you can buy the $29 Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle for the Switch at retail stores. They’ll include the game and some premium content, like V-Bucks, weapons and skins.

How to Get Fortnite on PC

Fortnite is available on both the Mac and the PC. And like other versions of the game, you can download it to your computer for free or paid, depending on the version you choose.

The free version, which includes the full battle royale experience, is available through the Epic Games website. Simply head over to the Epic Games site here and either sign up or log in to your account. Once you’ve created your Epic Games account, you’ll have the ability to download the Epic Games launcher to your PC and start playing Fortnite for free.

You can also opt for other Fortnite versions — Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe Edition and Limited Edition — that ship with additional loot, skins and more, to boost your gameplay experience. Prices range from $20 to $75.

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How to Get Fortnite on PS4

To get Fortnite on PS4, go to your PlayStation 4 and boot up the PlayStation Store in the console’s main menu. When you do, search for Fortnite and look for the free version. Add it to your cart, complete the acquisition, and download the game to your console. Once it’s done installing, you can start playing the game for free. You can also claim and download it remotely right here.

How to Get Fortnite on Xbox One

Similar to other platforms, getting Fortnite on Xbox One is as simple as heading to the Xbox store on your Xbox One and searching for Fortnite. You’ll see the option to download either a free copy or one of the paid versions that include additional game items. You’ll also see  some in-game purchases such as V-Bucks bundles and Battle Passes. Once the game downloads, you can start playing.

How to Get Fortnite on iOS

If you’re a mobile-first gamer, or you simply want to continue playing Fortnite while you’re on the go, you can download it to an iPhone or iPad in no time. the game to your iOS device is as simple as going to Apple’s App Store and searching for fortnite v bucks generator. You’ll also find it in the list of most popular games. If you want easy access to it, just click here.

After downloading the game (it’s available for free), it’ll find its way to your Home screen and give you the opportunity to start playing it in all its touch-friendly glory.

How to Get Fortnite on Android

Not an iPhone owner but still want to play Fortnite on Android? It’s not such a simple process.

As of this writing, Fortnite on Android is available in beta and isn’t available through the company’s Google Play marketplace. Instead, you’ll need to go to Epic Games’ own dedicated page for its Android beta and download it that way.

Epic Games made a number of big changes to the map with the launch of Season 8

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Epic Games made a number of big changes to the map with the launch of Season 8, with the addition of a brand new volcano, the removal of Wailing Woods and the arrival of Lazy Lagoon – among other things.

Chest locations were revealed for Season 7 in December of 2018, but since things have been shaken up significantly since then with a huge earthquake, we thought that we would put together a new one for you.

Lazy Lagoon looks to be one of the better places to drop in Fortnite Season 8.

The graphic will help indicate both the free fortnite codes xbox one most fruitful and chest barren places across the map in Season 8, which should help you out when your teammates are debating where to land.

From the map below, we can see that Tilted Towers is still the loot capital of Fortnite’s battle royale game mode, as 35 chests spawn there. Happy Hamlet is not too far behind that number, though, with 33.

Check out the best and worst locations for loot in Fortnite Season 8.

The revamped northeast side of the map has been given a significant loot boost, as expected, with 26 chests to be found at Lazy Lagoon, 13 at the new volcano, as well as an extra 24 between both Sunny Steps and its nearby nameless location.

announcing and launching a free to play battle royale title called Apex Legends

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announcing and launching a free to play battle royale title called Apex Legends. While many other attempts were made and ultimately failed to capture the success of PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends continues to grow at a rapid pace having just crossed 50 million players in about a months time. Even though its popularity remains high and content updates continue to arrive at a consistent rate, Apex Legends does suffer from a few issues that negatively sets it apart from its closest rivals.

One user, a YouTuber known as Battle(non)sense, analyzes and tests the more technical aspects of popular video games like the netcode, then posting the results to their channel. With a glut of popular battle royale games currently available, the user took it upon themselves to test fortnite v bucks generator out the most popular ones including Ring of ElysiumCall of Duty: Black Ops 4FortnitePUBG, and Apex Legends. Battle(non)sense ultimately tested network delay for all of these games and went a step further by comparing a set list of netcode related features they offer.

Shockingly, the test did not go well for Apex Legends. The test was conducted on the PC version of each of these games at multiple times in the day between two players on the same server with a ping of about 25 milliseconds each. At the end of the day, Apex Legends featured the highest amount of network delay (highest, shortest, and average numbers) between the damage, gunfire, and movement categories. Black Ops 4‘s Blackout followed next with slightly better numbers but overall much higher than what would be considered normal. Fortnite ultimately came back with the smallest network lag numbers with both Ring of Elysium and PUBG close behind.


Furthest East point on Fortnite map

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Most of the challenges this week are fairly self-explanatory, but that doesn’t mean they’re all quick and easy.

If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the season-long ‘Discovery challenges’, you’ll need to complete all of the week 2 challenges too, and that means covering almost every yard of the map.

Here’s the location of the furthest north, south east and west points on the map.

Furthest North point on Fortnite map
The most Northern point on the battle royale map fortnite v bucks generator.

To reach the furthest northern point on the map, you will need to head to the cliffs just above Junk Junction, directly north of Pleasant Park.

Furthest East point on Fortnite map
Head to Lonely Lodge for the eastern point of the map.

Between Lonely Lodge and the start of Paradise Palms, you will find the most eastern point on the map.

Furthest South point on Fortnite map
Lucky Landing is home to the most southern spot on the island.

Unsurprisingly, Lucky Landing is the most southern point of the battle royale island.

Furthest West point on Fortnite map
Another named location for the most western point.

Finally, to go as far west as possible, you’ll need to head to Snobby Shores.

Given the storm will be encroaching at all times, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to reach more than two of these points in a single game. Remember to focus on the other week 2 challenges too – which you can find full guides for here.

For the best chances, land at the location furthest from where the battle bus starts its entry to the map, that way, you will hopefully avoid a ‘hot drop’, and be able to scope out these locations in peace. Remember though, don’t leave the match early, or your progress for the challenge may not be saved.

Fortnite fans can unlock a hidden Battle Star by completing all Season 8, Week 1 challenges

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Epic Games releases seven Battle Royale challenges each week. Three of the weekly challenges are available for free and the other four challenges are exclusive to Battle Pass users.

The challenges are also separated into hard and regular tiers of difficulty.

The hard difficulty Fortnite challenges net players ten Battle Stars, while the regular tasks reward fans with five Battle Stars.

Earning Battle Stars levels up your Battle Pass, which is how you unlock all of the rewards on offer.

Complete all seven challenges and you’ll unlock a secret loading screen as part of the Discovery challenges.


The Week 1 loading screen (above) celebrates the introduction of Pirate Camps to free v bucks generator.

The loading screen features a pirate on a ship with a map in his hands.

If you look closely at the image, you can see a Battle Star in the background of the image on top of a building. We’ve highlighted the Battle Star in the picture below.

Needless to say, this building can be found on top of the clock tower in Lazy Lagoon. We’ve marked it on the map below.

The Battle Star will only appear once you’ve completed all of the challenges and unlocked the loading screen.

Fortnite hidden loading screen secret Battle Star circled (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite hidden loading screen secret Battle Star map location (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite Season 8, Week 1 free challenges:

• Visit all Pirate Camps (7)

• Search Chests at Retail Row or Junk Junction (7)

• Stage 1 – Deal Damage with a Shotgun and an Explosive Weapon in a single match (2)

Fortnite Season 8, Week 1 Battle Pass challenges:

• Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle, and the snow (3)

• Use a Volcano Vent in different matches (5)