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Now, there’s a lot to consider when weighing this offer in terms of… “I’M DOING IT NO MATTER WHAT. I’M NOT THINKING TWICE!” Whoa, that was fast. And that pretty much sums up Noura. No pause. No self-control. No pros and cons lists. No haggling to see if she could get a better deal. Noura saw a shiny object and she grabbed it. Kind of like the way I grab a Milwaukee’s Best without asking too many questions. Questions like: Should I perhaps one day start drinking a beer that does not taste like piss?

Boston Rob’s take on his visitor was pretty blunt. I’m sorry, what I meant to say was, Boston’s Rob take on his visitor was that she had been smoking gigantic blunts. “Noura is the last person you’d want in the caller position,” said the Robfather. “She cannot coherently communicate anything to anyone. She’s living in Noura world.”

So Noura already faltered in volunteering to go to Island of the Idols, and then faltered in jumping at the challenge without taking the time to think it out. But how would she handle it when she returned to her tribe. Which brings us to…

So what would Noura’s strategy be when she got back to her beach? The way I see it, there were two decent options. Option 1 would be for Noura to come clean and say that Boston Rob and Sandra were there (because there is absolutely no reason not to reveal their presence other than bumming out the producers who want to keep it a secret) episode free gems and that they would give her advance information on the challenge if she agreed to the role they assigned her. Then she would say she agreed and then they told her she had to be the caller. This is a bit risky, however, because one or more tribemates may ask Jeff about it at the challenge or try to assign someone else to see what happens. That’s why I prefer Option 2.

Option 2 would be to pull a Kellee and make up a totally different lie about what happened at IOTI, wait until the blindfold challenge is announced by Jeff, and then promote yourself for the job. Just say, “Guys, you know how loud I am. Here’s a chance for me to put that to good use. I think I would be really good at this.” If they pick you, great! You just won an advantage. If they don’t, you lose your vote but you at least don’t seem as shady. And there’s always a good chance they let you be the caller if you ask, because players in this game are more than happy to allow others to screw themselves over by stepping up in a challenge and then not performing, because it moves the target off of themselves and onto you.

Noura, however, did not do either of those things. Instead, she got back to camp and informed her tribe that she could tell them all about the next immunity challenge ONLY if they first unanimously agreed to the role she would play in the next challenge. So, as Tommy astutely pointed out, she was asking them to agree to her role without even knowing what the challenge was. When they pressed her further, she floundered and just told them to agree and say yes. Which they did. Noura’s lie may have been the most unconvincing thing I have heard on Survivor since Phillip Sheppard first told us he was a former FBI agent, but the players wanted to hear more so they were like, “Sure, whatever.”

Epic is about to do more than the typical rollover of a new season for the battle royale game.

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Leaks have been suggesting that Epic is about to do more than the typical rollover of a new season for the battle royale game. The general belief is that Fortnite will be rebranded as Fortnite Chapter 2, and will get an almost complete overhaul, introducing the usual new content like weapons and vehicles, but also, a new map.

Much of this information has come via leaks and sifting through game files and such. Epic has been tight-lipped, but this tweet certainly suggests that something major is going down. The invocation of the end speaks to more than some new skins and another sponsorship of some sort. Whatever’s coming tomorrow is going to change the face of the game, or so Epic is suggesting.

Since launch two years ago, Fortnite Battle Royale has become one of the titans of the games industry. This is thanks in no small part to Epic’s ceaseless roll-out of new content, ranging from skins and weapons, to the mysteries of the island map, to collaborations with Marvel Studios and, recently, mechs (though players didn’t completely love those).

Starting again with a new island is risky, but necessary when it comes to maintaining interest long-term. If Epic wants to keep Fortnite v buck generator at the top of industry, it needs to keep evolving.

those who have mastered the hectic building and editing mechanics in Fortnite

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 update version 10.40.1, a new limited-time event was confirmed, Season X was extended, and a few minor tweaks were implemented. Unfortunately, it appears a major bug has slipped through the cracks however.

While certainly not the first bug in the history of the competitive Battle Royale title, Fortnite has been hit with a new and surprising issue that drastically impacts rapid building.

In an October 2 post on Reddit, user ‘Tomred95’ shared a newly discovered bug that massively impacts the rapid building and editing process.

After editing a ceiling block in half, putting it back to full scale, and then looking away momentarily, the bug ensures that you’re no longer able to re-edit that ceiling piece until you look away once again.

Story image for fortnite from Express.co.uk

This bug could be hugely impactful to professional players and streamers alike, those who have mastered the hectic building and editing mechanics in Fortnite v buck generator.

Not being able to re-edit the roof of your structure in the heat of combat, could be enough to cost you the entire match under certain circumstances.

An Epic Games Community Coordinator responded to the Reddit post in saying, “thanks for the video illustrating this! I’ll send this to our QA team for investigation.”

The post was barely a few hours old by the time that Epic Games caught wind of the bug, so rest assured that the development team is on the ball and searching for a fix to the unexpected issue as soon as possible.

Data miners found a ton of Batman-related items in this week’s Fortnite

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Batman Day, an event to mark the Caped Crusader’s 80th anniversary, takes place this Saturday. Epic Games is getting in on the fun by bringing aspects of the iconic superhero’s world into Fortnite.

Data miners found a ton of Batman-related items in this week’s Fortnite v buck generator update, so you should expect to see plenty of Batman-related items, such as skins, gliders (a Batcape, perhaps?), emotes and maybe even Gotham City itself. Epic will reveal more details about the crossover in a live stream at 8AM ET Saturday, which you can watch below.

Fortnite has had a number of other crossovers, including with The AvengersBorderlands 3Stranger Things, John Wick and the NFL. So, Batman is just the latest big name to make his way to the colossally successful battle royale.

That’s not all when it comes to Epic’s celebration of the Dark Knight, though. It’s offering six Batman games for free through the Epic Games Store this week. The include the Arkham Collection (the remastered Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, along with Arkham Knight) and three Lego Batman titles: the original game, DC Super Heroes and Beyond Gotham.

there is a lot going on with the Fortnite Payback skin.

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To state the obvious, there is a lot going on with the Fortnite Payback skin. Maybe that makes it a perfect skin for season 10, where nothing on the map is ever quite the same, and everything changes in the blink of an eye.


nt to go in and out of style, and Payback seems to flaunt it. She’s got oni demon masks for braids. She has a zipper over her already muffled mouth. She’s wearing enough belts and chains to pass for a secondary character in a Final Fantasy game. She’s got it all, plus a spiky back bling that would make any edgy high schooler proud.

Payback is a fairly standard 1,200 V-Bucks in the Fortnite item shop for one day only, so get your revenge while its piping hot.

If you’re in need of some help wading through all free v bucks generator content out there, allow us. We’ve got our favorite Fortnite creative codes for players wanting to escape the drudgery of battle royale. If you’re diving back into battle royale with the new season, make sure to check out our Season 10 map and loot guide since some significant changes have gone down. And if you just need a good catching up, here’s the latest Fortnite update.

These Rift Beacons have been appearing all over the battle royale map

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These Rift Beacons have been appearing all over the battle royale map during the course of Season 10 and have caused the return of Dusty Depot, Retail Row, and even Kevin the Cube’s Floating Island following the v10.20 content update. 

When they appear, map changes have almost always come soon after. Although, it seems that Epic Games are keeping players on their toes again, as it’s highly probably that the newest find won’t impact the location where it was found.

Kevin the Cube’s Floating Island, along with a new Low Gravity Vortex, was added to Fortnite the last time a Rift Beacon was activated

There are two Rift Beacons located at Dusty Depot, just like earlier in the season. However, with so many changes already taking place at the point of interest, it seems unlikely that lightning would strike twice there.

Also, there’s something about the way they are placed this time around which suggests they’re not sticking around at the factories for long.

As seen in the images below, one has been stacked on top of a truck, suggesting that it’s actually going to move around the map before deciding where to stop, while the other larger Rift Beacon is stationary.

The first Rift Beacon looks set for a long drive in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Seasoned veterans of the free-to-play game will know that Epic Games have added ever-changing features for players to monitor in the past, free v bucks generator such as the moving helicopter in Season 8, but there’s a lot more at stake this time. 

If the Rift Beacons are to stop off near the iced-over lake in the snow biome, as leaks have previously suggested, fans might finally see Greasy Grove make its return.

Other fan favorite points of interest have also appeared in the game’s files, such as Anarchy Acres, Risky Reels and others, meaning that if the truck stops at the right place, one of them could come back in the near future.

While the final destination of the Rift Beacons’ journey is shrouded in mystery at the time of writing, map changes have been occurring on a weekly basis, meaning that it won’t be long before we find out what’s in store.

What is the cost of a Fortnite V-Buck?

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Fortnite as it is one of the best battle royale game currently. You have to compete with other online players to be the lone player on the battleground just like PUBG and Free Fire. The game is popular because of its unique gameplay and mechanism but do you know what are Fortnite V-Bucks and what are their uses? Did you ever notice that your rival players are leading in a faster way than you? It is because of V-Bucks as they expand V-Bucks on different skins and other gaming items. Fortnite V-Bucks is the gaming currency with which you can purchase everything you want from the game store. But in order to avail these V-Bucks, you have to spend your real money. If you don’t want to spend your bucks on digital items then there are many more ways to get them.

If you want to get the complete awareness about the Fortnite gaming currency aka V-Bucks then you got the right page. So let’s start reading and discover what are V-Bucks, how to spend them, how much they worth and best ways to earn V-Bucks for free.

Fortnite V-Bucks


Get Fortnite V-Bucks for free

What are Fortnite V-Bucks?

Fortnite is the creation of Epic games and the game was launched in 2017. If you play this game then you would probably know that it is free to play game. But the question is that what is the main source of income for the developers of the game? Think…think…any idea? Okay let me clear, Epic game create their revenue with V-Bucks. V-Bucks is the virtual currency to unlock the different skins, Gliders, harvesting tools, and for Battle Passes. You can buy V-Bucks with real money to get different colorful gaming accessories.

What is the cost of a Fortnite V-Buck?

As I said above that you can purchase v-bucks with your real money but before buying them you must have the proper knowledge of their value. You have to buy at least 1000 v-bucks at a time and for 1000 bucks you will pay $10. Below is the pricing list to buy V-Bucks in USD:

  • Buy 1000 V-Bucks for $9.99
  • Get 2500 V-Bucks for $24.99 and with this number, you will get 300 V-bucks as a bonus.
  • Buy 6000 V-Bucks for $59.99 (1500Bonus)
  • Purchase 10000 V-Bucks for $99.99 (3500 Bonus)

How to get free Fortnite V-Bucks?

When you search for free V-Bucks then you will come across a wide array of links and sites, and V bucks generators but they all are scams. They can steal your personal information but why you should go for illegal ways when we have a legit solution for you. Epic games organize giveaways for the same but if you want to avail them instantly then you can buy Save the world.

If you have bought Fortnite Save The World, you can get free V-Bucks when you log in to your account in the game and claim for daily prizes. Not depends only logging in the method as it doesn’t work many times. But make sure daily login to your account anyway to not miss the opportunity for the Fornite gaming currency.

Another way to get free V-Bucks are the challenges and quests in Save the world mode. There are daily missions and quests available in Save The World and when you complete a certain quest or mission then you get at least 50 V-Bucks for it.

The cleverest trick to get free V-Bucks is to spend your money on the Battle Pass. If you make great success in different sessions then you will be rewarded with the sufficient gaming currency to buy further Battle passes or anything else.

The Chinese company NetEase is working on the release of the Fortnite clone “BuildTopia” and the interest in the game is great

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Developer and publisher NetEase has been making waves in the West for the last time when it was announced that they are working for Blizzard on the mobile game Diablo Immortal .

Now they also have a game that looks a lot like Epic’s popular Battle Royale title.

What is BuildTopia? At the first glance at the game, BuildTopia is not a comparison to Fortnite . The graphic style of the game, as well as many of the animations, are very similar to Epic’s BR hit. But also in the gameplay area, there are similarities.

The gameplay of BuildTopia is based on the classic Battle Royale genre, which is now widely used and found in many games. The game also makes extensive use of the construction features, which are actually exclusive in form to Fortnite .

Currently the game is in a closed beta phase. Now, NetEase has received approval for a launch of BuildTopia. You can watch a gameplay video here:

Incidentally, the game was called ” FortCraft ” by the way . The name should indicate from which games the main features were borrowed, namely Fortnite v bucks generator and Minecraft.

What are the prospects of success for BuildTopia? BuildTopia is not the first BR game that NetEase has released. With “Rules of Survival” and “Knives Out”, it has already launched two such games on the market.

And they have brought the company proper revenues. Only “Knives Out” should have achieved about 465 million dollars profit, at least according to the analysis company Sensor Tower.

Knives Out is another NetEase Battle Royale game. It has a more realistic graphic style.

BuildTopia is expected to be similarly successful as it incorporates elements from several extremely popular games. It should also be as accessible as possible and work well on older smartphone models to reach as many players as possible.

Whether Epic will act against this copy of her game is not yet known. PUBG, on the other hand, has tried to eliminate “Rules of Survival” and “Knives Out” in the past:

Fortnite in real life: A private island is to become the competition site. (Source: Epic Games

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If you’ve ever wanted to try Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite in real life, you might soon be able to attend one of these events yourself. A millionaire wants to sell 100 people on a private island and let them compete against each other for about three days. The winner even receives a hefty prize mone

An unknown millionaire who is a real fan of Fortnite , Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Apex Legends wants to bring the Battle Royale feeling to the real world. The news comes from the luxury shopping company Hush Hush, which is already looking for an organizer on behalf of the millionaire.

Interested organizers should ideally already have experience with events of enormous magnitude. Finally, a whole island must be prepared for the realistic Battle Royale experience. It is therefore necessary to hide weapons and ammunition and of course also the “playground” to prepare accordingly. So far, the project is still in the conception phase.

Fortnite: The funniest creations of the playground

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Of course, no life-threatening weapons with live ammunition should be used here. Instead, so-called airsoft weapons are to be used. The players who meet on the island then wear pressure-sensitive vests, which can absorb the bullets and thereby “calculate” the damage.

Three days of competition and more than 115,000 euros in prize money

The Fortnite v buck generator-like event will last for three days with 100 participants. Fighting is twelve hours a day. At night, players can set up camp. Supplies and camping gear provide the millionaire for the registration. Who is the last in the race in the end, also wins 100,000 British pounds as prize money. That corresponds to about 115,000 euros.

Fortnite’s new ping system might look rather familiar for Apex Legends fans.

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Many people have tried to take legal action against the developer’s decision to add a variety of different content to the game’s battle royale mode, with most recent examples being Alfonso Ribeiro’s failed ‘Carlton Dance’ case and rapper 2 Milly arguing that the ‘Milly Rock’ danceshouldn’t be an emote.

While these law suits have proved unsuccessful at the time of writing, it’s not only emotes that people have accused Epic of stealing and the idea of suing them for their content is something the game’s online community has embraced as a meme – more than a genuine possibility.

So, let’s take a look at our list of 10 things in Fortnite that definitely aren’t a copy of something else…

Ark Skin


The Ark Skin in Fortnite looks very similar to an Overwatch hero.

So, do we have any Overwatch fans in? They will know what we’re talking about here.

This Ark skin sprung onto the scene on January 10, 2019 and it, shall we say, has a very familiar look. In fact, a very similar look to a hero from another game. Whether it’s the halo around the head, the wings or the main outfit itself, people think this is a copy of Mercy from Overwatch.

Come on, though, they wouldn’t do that.

Ping system


Fortnite’s new ping system might look rather familiar for Apex Legends fans.

The game’s map marker system just wasn’t up to scratch when it was first released, as things were too slow. Players had to go through the process of stopping, pulling their map out and marking somewhere for their team to see every time they changed route.

Then, when Epic finally released a brand new Fortnite ping system on February 28, they’re suddenly accused of stealing the idea from the newest addition to the battle royale market at the time, Apex Legends. Come on, that’s just ludicrous!

Building feature


Building has always been in Fortnite, but it’s not exactly an original idea is it?

If you put all of the current battle royale games in front of you and look at the differences that set the better ones apart, PUBG excels with its slow pace, Call of Duty Blackout has merged the most popular shooting game in history with a brand new concept, but you can’t build in any of those games.

Fortnite players can harvest materials from across the map and build fortresses. In fact, they even have a Creative mode now too that gives players unlimited items and materials to build whatever they want!

“Did they steal these ideas from Minecraft?” Oh, don’t be silly. All original.

Foraged Items 


Foraged Items might be new to Fortnite v buck generator, but not everyone knows where the idea first started.

Many fans like to engage with other members of the game’s online community on Reddit, and if you’re pretty active on the Fortnite BR page, you might well have seen the new Foraged Items before they were added by Epic Games.

Well, what do we mean by that? Reddit user, AndrewIsCoolio, posted a concept on March 18 for Lazy Lagoon which included adding coconuts to the new location, which could be consumed by players and increase their