RTX 3080 Super spotted on HP’s site as refresh rumors build Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 founders edition, shot from an angle with logo up close

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HP has revealed it has a new Envy 34-inch all-in-one PC on the way that can be kitted out with up to an RTX 3080 Super. It has since changed the reference to remove the Super prefix, but this being the internet, the original post has been saved forever—you can find a shot of the original on this Reddit post by the wonderfully named minty_hippo. 

As this is an all-in-one PC, it will use the cooler, mobile version of the GPU, not the full-fat desktop GPU. Still, it adds weight to the idea that we're going to get a Super refresh of Nvidia's 30-series GPUs, both on desktop and in mobile in the not-too-distant future. 

Of course, it could have just been an honest mistake—updating the text of a previous model and the Super slipped in. And indeed if this was a one-off it may just be put down to that, but the internet rumor mills are definitely in full effect at this stage, and the expectations for a complete line-up of 30-series Super cards have been gathering momentum for a while now.

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A tweet from the usually reliable kopite7kimi suggests a total of four new GPUs are on the way. We covered the rumors of a faster spin of the 3090 almost a month ago, and the 3090 Super does appear at the top of the list. Do we really need another expensive high-end card at this point? Probably not; the idea of a 3060 Super is a far more appealing idea.

Looking at the proposed specs, there are some oddities here for sure. The RTX 3090 Super looks like a small jump up from the existing RTX 3090, while the RTX 3060 Super could be a phenomenal improvement over the original RTX 3060, and looks to be trading blows with the 3060 Ti. Maybe we'll see the first appearance of a Ti Super? 

Rumoured* RTX 30-series Super GPUs
3090 Super* 10,752 84 24 GB GDDR6X
3090 10,496 82 24 GB GDDR6X
3080 Ti 10,240 80 12 GB GDDR6X
3080 Super* 8,960 70 12 GB GDDR6X
3080 8,704 68 10 GB GDDR6X
3070 Ti 6,144 48 8GB GDDR6X
3070 Super* 5,888 46 8GB GDDR6X
3070 5,888 46 8GB GDDR6
3060 Super* 5,632 44 12GB GDDR6
3060 Ti 4,864 38 8GB GDDR6
3060 3,584 28 12GB GDDR6

Whether these new cards will act as replacements for the existing cards, we're unsure. Cast your mind back to when Nvidia released the Super versions of the 20-series: that's exactly what happened back then. The original non-Super configurations ceased production and the Supers became the only available option. That switch may be even easier this time around, given stock of existing cards is largely non-existent anyway.

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Nvidia hasn't said anything official about these Super renditions at this stage, but getting a whole range of new cards that are a bit more powerful compared to what is (or actually isn't) already out there seems like a good thing. 

The mooted time frame for these cards is January 2022, although once again that's not written in stone. Still, I can't help but get a bit excited about more GPUs being produced, whatever form they take.