The Chinese company NetEase is working on the release of the Fortnite clone “BuildTopia” and the interest in the game is great

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Developer and publisher NetEase has been making waves in the West for the last time when it was announced that they are working for Blizzard on the mobile game Diablo Immortal .

Now they also have a game that looks a lot like Epic’s popular Battle Royale title.

What is BuildTopia? At the first glance at the game, BuildTopia is not a comparison to Fortnite . The graphic style of the game, as well as many of the animations, are very similar to Epic’s BR hit. But also in the gameplay area, there are similarities.

The gameplay of BuildTopia is based on the classic Battle Royale genre, which is now widely used and found in many games. The game also makes extensive use of the construction features, which are actually exclusive in form to Fortnite .

Currently the game is in a closed beta phase. Now, NetEase has received approval for a launch of BuildTopia. You can watch a gameplay video here:

Incidentally, the game was called ” FortCraft ” by the way . The name should indicate from which games the main features were borrowed, namely Fortnite v bucks generator and Minecraft.

What are the prospects of success for BuildTopia? BuildTopia is not the first BR game that NetEase has released. With “Rules of Survival” and “Knives Out”, it has already launched two such games on the market.

And they have brought the company proper revenues. Only “Knives Out” should have achieved about 465 million dollars profit, at least according to the analysis company Sensor Tower.
Knives Out is another NetEase Battle Royale game. It has a more realistic graphic style.

BuildTopia is expected to be similarly successful as it incorporates elements from several extremely popular games. It should also be as accessible as possible and work well on older smartphone models to reach as many players as possible.

Whether Epic will act against this copy of her game is not yet known. PUBG, on the other hand, has tried to eliminate “Rules of Survival” and “Knives Out” in the past:

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