There’s also a new Cantina location to round out the package

Posted on February 2, 2021 by

Another new update here in Fortnite v bucks generator this morning as we move closer to the end of the season’s standard 10 weeks. And, keeping in the tradition of slightly wilder exotic loot this season, we’ve got some interesting new weapons showing up for anyone with the bars to spare. And speaking of the season’s overarching theme, we’re also moving The Mandalorian back into the spotlight. Let’s take a look at what’s standing in for patch notes here, because as usual we don’t have official ones for update v15.30.

To start, let’s look at the weapons:

Chug Cannon: A support item like the bandage bazooka, this thing will heal teammates that you shoot it at. You get it from Remedy, usually at the house on the hill north of Pleasant Park, though I believe she can be at Craggy Cliffs as well.
Burst Quad Launcher: As the Chug Canno is an adaptation of the bandage bazooka, so the Burst Quad Launcher is an adaptation of the old Quad Launcher, spewing rockets out of four tubes. You get this from Fishstick at Coral Castle.
Frozen SMG: Unclear what’s going on with this one. I can’t seem to find it in the game, and I can’t find anyone else who’s actually found it in-game either. It also wasn’t announced yesterday like the other two, so I’m going to go ahead and guess that this one isn’t live yet.
Regardless, HypeX has stats on all 3:

And after that we’ve got Mando’s Bounty, a brand-new LTM that takes center stage here. It’s a point-based thing, where you get credits for eliminating your given bounty or other opponents and compete towards a credit goal. The best loot comes from AI hunters all over the island, and you get three lives. To win, you’ll also have to defeat the Mandalorian himself.

There’s also a new Cantina location to round out the package, and a Beskar Umbrella that you get from winning in this new mode. That’s a fairly uncommon thing for LTMs, though it does show up in licensed modes: I remember the black umbrella from the John Wick mode well.

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