those who have mastered the hectic building and editing mechanics in Fortnite

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 update version 10.40.1, a new limited-time event was confirmed, Season X was extended, and a few minor tweaks were implemented. Unfortunately, it appears a major bug has slipped through the cracks however.

While certainly not the first bug in the history of the competitive Battle Royale title, Fortnite has been hit with a new and surprising issue that drastically impacts rapid building.

In an October 2 post on Reddit, user ‘Tomred95’ shared a newly discovered bug that massively impacts the rapid building and editing process.

After editing a ceiling block in half, putting it back to full scale, and then looking away momentarily, the bug ensures that you’re no longer able to re-edit that ceiling piece until you look away once again.

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This bug could be hugely impactful to professional players and streamers alike, those who have mastered the hectic building and editing mechanics in Fortnite v buck generator.

Not being able to re-edit the roof of your structure in the heat of combat, could be enough to cost you the entire match under certain circumstances.

An Epic Games Community Coordinator responded to the Reddit post in saying, “thanks for the video illustrating this! I’ll send this to our QA team for investigation.”

The post was barely a few hours old by the time that Epic Games caught wind of the bug, so rest assured that the development team is on the ball and searching for a fix to the unexpected issue as soon as possible.

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